Teachers Honor Mr. Resnick with Millman Award

Mr. Resnick has been teaching for more than 25 years.   Photo Credit: Shyanne Hinds

Mr. Resnick has been teaching for more than 25 years.

Photo Credit: Shyanne Hinds


Mr. Eugene V. Resnick received a major honor in his teaching career last semester when he was awarded the Sidney Millman Excellence in Teaching Award. 

“I was honored,” Mr. Resnick said. “But I felt that this award should be shared among all the teachers and supervisors who I learned from over the years. I have been fortunate to have worked with excellent colleagues--some for 25 years, and some for just a year or two. Teaching is a collaborative activity, and we have developed together as educators. I also appreciate the guidance of three excellent supervisors who I have had during my years at Midwood High School: Mr. Mark Willner, Ms. Joann Peters, and Ms. Beth Vershleiser.”

Joyce Andria ’20 said, “He’s very involved with the students. He gets all of the students in the discussion.”

For Mr. Resnick, teaching is an exciting, collaborative experience.

He said, “I really enjoy my time interacting with students. I love their energy and enthusiasm. We learn from each other in class.” 

Maddie Paterna ’19, a former student of Mr. Resnick’s, stated, “I had him for Urban History and U.S. History. He knows a lot about the topics that he teaches in class, and he makes the lessons engaging and interesting. He’s funny and engaging with students.”

Paterna said that Mr. Resnick gives what she thinks a college class would look like, where students write down notes as he talks. She said that Mr. Resnick also connects what they learn in class with current events. 

Paterna said, “He talks to us as if we were adults. He also gets to know us on a more personal level. He understands that we’re mature enough to have meaningful conversations about controversial subjects, which a lot of teachers don’t do. He cares about his students, and he makes himself available for extra help. He wants his students to be successful.”

Like with other awards, there is a process that determines who gets the Sidney Millman Excellence in Teaching Award.

Principal Mr. Michael McDonnell explained, “Teachers recommend their colleagues for Teacher of the Year. A committee is formed, and they vote on the different candidates. They give me the two names with the most votes and I pick the one with the most votes.” 

Mr. Resnick said that his favorie part of teaching is class discussions. 

“Seeing students develop their ideas and express them to others is exciting,” he said.

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