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Rreze Kadrijaj, Editor-in-Chief

Xin Zhen, Managing Editor

Fanny Zhao, Feature Editor

Mohigul Nasimova, Feature Editor

Mohima Oishe, Feature Editor

Cindy Wang, Feature Editor

Maqadus Sakhi, News Editor 

Nursat Jahan, News Editor

Christelle Glaudin, News Editor

Nefretari Powell, News Editor

William Vamvouris, News Editor

Haseeb Khan, Photographer

Sherry Chen, Website Manager

Brandon Kong, Copy Editor

Reem Hamaida, Copy Editor

Julissa Richards, Copy Editor

Junyu Liang, Copy Editor

Annie Jiang, Copy Editor

Casey Levinson, Faculty Advisor


The Midwood Argus has been in continuous publication since its debut in May, 1941, near the end of Midwood High School's first year of existence. The original logo is pictured above. The design on the feathers of the peacock represent the 100 eyes of Argus, a character in Greek mythology who was always watching, always on guard, and never slept. This creature symbolizes the dedication of our student staff to faithfully upholding the responsibilities of the press and recording Midwood’s living history. Each year, a new group of juniors in Midwood's Journalism course become student reporters, writing articles for the Argus. And each year, a small new group of seniors, having previously taken the Journalism course, become student editors, assembling and designing both the physical and online editions of the paper. To contact the staff of the Midwood Argus, click here.