Freshman Officers Elected to Student Council

Freshman President Owaish Khan encourages a student to join the government at the Club Fair October 17.  Photo Credit: Rreze Kadrijaj

Freshman President Owaish Khan encourages a student to join the government at the Club Fair October 17. Photo Credit: Rreze Kadrijaj


As the new school year got off to a fresh start, the freshman class was getting prepared for their elections. New freshman officers were elected as Owaish Khan ’22 won Freshman Class President and Katherine Zhong won Freshman Vice President.

The process began on September 14, when Mayor Tanisa Rahman ’20 and Junior Vice President Laura Rosas ’20 went to 9th grade global classrooms and introduced applications.

“When we were giving out the applications in class, there were a lot of students who were interested,” said  Rosas.

This year’s elections for the officers were conducted by ballots which were also distributed in freshman social studies classes.

Amongst the freshman class, there were four candidates running: three for president and one for vice president.

“There weren’t a lot of applications that came in this year,” said Rahman ’20.  “It was the same case last year where there was really only one candidate for vice. Most go for the title of the President. But we just want to stress that both positions have equal influence in the council.” 

Otherwise, the student government is very pleased with this year’s outcome in freshman class participation.

“In my freshman year, I was really quiet and kept to myself,” said Junior Class President Jonathan Li ’20. “But this group of freshman is not so shy. Even if they’re not official representatives, they’re always willing to participate in the school wherever they can.”

Kahn said, “I wanted to be out there and be social with my peers. I wanted to be able to be that change and be the voice for that change. I wanted to expand my social bubble and be more out there.”

“I wasn’t planning to run for student council at the beginning, but I heard that running for student council would be a great opportunity to learn new things and work with others to make the school better,” said Zhong. “I really wanted to help the school improve and be the voice for freshmen.”

Both freshman representatives are determined to serve their class to their fullest potential and have some ideas in mind.

“I want to plan fun activities and social events that would keep the freshman classes entertained and enjoy coming to school!” said Khan. “I would just need Mr. Kolotkin’s approval.”

Zhong said, “I hope to encourage many of my classmates to attend and participate in school events to show school spirit, join clubs, and be active around the school community.”

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