Key Club Community Grows with New Board Members

Victor Zheng ’20 discusses the Fort Greene Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest.  Photo Credit: Yesenia Peregrina

Victor Zheng ’20 discusses the Fort Greene Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest. Photo Credit: Yesenia Peregrina


The Key Club has dramatically increased in size after welcoming many new board members following Midwood’s club fair. 

“This is the first time we have juniors and a sophomore as board members,” said Ms. Sierra Haney, the club advisor. “The last meeting, we were having trouble fitting everyone into the room.”

Abby Borshchenko ’20, the Key Club treasurer said, “Everyone contributes and works as a team, including new board members and Key Club members.” 

After Key Club meetings begin, all of the board members make sure to answer the concerns of the club members. Subsequently, all board members sit together at a table as if they were a family that was about to have dinner. They discuss future organizations to work with, possible future events to host, and ideas that will help improve the club. 

Victor Zheng ’20, the Key Club webmaster, has been involved in the growing of the community through technical aspects; Zheng recently developed a new Key Club website.

“I tried really hard,” Zheng said. “I want to add more features in order to make it easier for members to know about Key Club.”

Ester Lee ’20, Key Club editor, uses the monthly newsletters to attract more members.

Lee has dedicated a page at the end of the newsletter for “Key Clubber of the Month because [the board members] believe that some members are so deserving of the title.”

Key Club has also created a media committee to reach out to people who are interested in photography, film, editing, and design so that they can assemble video presentations about past events. 

The Key Club President Daniel Clarke ’20 said, “It’s really important to volunteer and interact with the community.” To that end, Clarke continues to create new events that will hopefully appeal to everyone. For instance, in December, there will be a movie fundraiser for Ralph Breaks the Internet, Clarke said. 

“We’ll also be having more Christmas related events,” Clarke added. “One includes buying clothes for low-income families.”

Jonathan Li ’20, the former Key Club president, said that in the past the atmosphere of the club “was sort of hardline seriousness.”  He wants to change that this year.

“I want to make sure all the members have a good time coming to the meetings and feel like they are individuals in the club,” Li said. “In the end, it was the board members who really helped me change that ‘serious environment’ to a more dynamic one.”

The new board members credit the environment as one key reason why more people have shown up to the meetings. 

“The new board is amazing,” Li said. “They’re very hardworking.”

If you are interested in attending a Key Club meeting, come to Room 435 on Tuesdays, periods 9, 10, and 11. 

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