Girls Bowling Racks Up Successful Season

Oliwia Dankiw ’20 practices at Funfest New York.  Photo Credit: Continental Studios

Oliwia Dankiw ’20 practices at Funfest New York. Photo Credit: Continental Studios



The girls bowling team ended a successful season with a tough 2-1 loss against Stuyvesant High School on November 7.

The team rolled into the playoffs after finishing the season 9-2 with a victory against Tilden Educational Campus on October 30. 

Last year, the girls bowling team also made it into playoffs but didn’t get past the first game, even though they had a lot of help from the seniors who were on the team. 

The team’s only losses this year came against Leon M. Goldstein High School, against which they played two official games and lost both. 

The team’s highest scoring players have been Allison Louie ’20 (113 average) and Defne Sener ’20 (111 average). 

“So far, my experience has been like the different weights of bowling balls,” said Heilai Lam ’21. “Sometimes games are heavily lost, sometimes they’re easily won.” 

Elizabeth Vool ’20 said that, other than focusing on beating the other schools, “it’s been fun to socialize, make new friends, and play the sport.” 

In the beginning of September, there was an interest meeting for the team. New players as well as returning players had to go through tryouts. 

Many players plan to return next year, as does their coach. 

“Yes, I plan on continuing in the future,” said Mr. Michael Giordano. “I really enjoy coaching the team. I really do like coaching bowling. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing it for eight years already. Everything that comes with coaching the team is great. They surprise me every day.”

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