Softball Pitches Through Hardship

Cameron Chau ’21 waits for the pitch.   Photo credit: Lisbeth Juela Tenemaza

Cameron Chau ’21 waits for the pitch.

Photo credit: Lisbeth Juela Tenemaza


Despite the number of curve balls thrown at the girl’s softball team this season, they were still able to exceed their own expectations.

This year, the team lost a majority of its players, leaving them with only one pitcher, and they began adjusting to a  new coach. Still, the team was able to end the season with a solid 4-9 record. 

“I was expecting an underwhelming season,” said pitcher  Cassidy Huertas ’19, “but my initial expectations were proven wrong as the season progressed.”

Coach Michael Giordano was injured with a torn achilles during the first week of the season, leaving the girls lost for a while. However, the team stepped up.

Coach Gio said, “It was pretty difficult with the injury, but the girls were the reason it was so easy to overcome. The leaders took control and the whole team worked so hard.”  

Thankfully, Ms. Ashley Buttacavoli, the girls tennis coach, was able to step in and help the team as much as possible during this time. 

“We didn’t win the majority of our games, but it was better than not winning a single game as I had first expected,” said Huertas. “I can say that we definitely have gotten better throughout the season.” 

Since almost half the players had graduated, the team turned to incoming players for fresh new talent. 

“The new girls demonstrated a lot of dedication to the team and worked hard to improve themselves,” said Jocelyn Tapia ’20. 

Third Baseman Gabriela Reynoso ’22,  who joined the team for the first time this year, said, “I had no idea what to expect. At first it was overwhelming, but I was pleasantly surprised that my teammates were always supportive despite the challenges we faced.”

In addition to the support of their teammates, the team’s philosophy has impacted the way they play. 

Reynoso said, “I’ve learned the hard way that some days are just not your day, so it’s easy to lose your spirit. But you just have to keep your head up high and not let it take a toll on you mentally or emotionally.”

That mentality helped them win their first game against Petrides, a Staten Island school, which they won by a landslide 21-8. 

The team’s positive mindset helped them against John Dewey, when loud cheers made it hard for the infield to communicate, said Cameron Chau ’21.

“Everyone, especially Cassidy and Jocelyn, helped to keep our team active and aware, despite the noise,” said Chau.

Reynoso said, “I really enjoy our practices because the chemistry is so obvious to anyone. We constantly joke around and just generally have fun and that’s what I joined the team to do.” 

Additionally, they hung out outside of practice and after each game, they had dinner together.

 “After practice on Fridays and after games me and the team would have dinner together,” said Allison Louie ’20. “This made me and all the new teammates feel welcome and it really brought our team closer, which ultimately made us better players.”

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