Golfers Swing Through the Season

Alana Neria ’20 gets ready to swing her golf club at Marine Park Golf Course.

Alana Neria ’20 gets ready to swing her golf club at Marine Park Golf Course.


Golf isn’t just for rich, retired guys anymore! Students on the co-ed golf team have found that they’re getting more benefits from golf than just fresh air and a bit of exercise. 

Alana Neria ’20 said, “Golf teaches you many life lessons. It taught me about patience and confidence, and it allows me to free myself from any stress that I have built up from school and other things.”

Neria added that she has met some incredible people while being on this team, who she now sees as some of her closest friends. 

“The people I met through golf are so hospitable and friendly,” said Neria. “They’re basically family to me.”

The team has also been successful this season, with recent wins against James Madison on May 14 and against Edward R. Murrow High School on May 16 at Marine Park Golf Course. 

Nathan Reder ’19 said, “I’m trying my best at practice, keeping a chill mind about it, and not stressing at all.”

Daniel Viazman ’22 discussed how he applies his skills from other sports, such as swimming, to improve in golf. 

“I practice and really try to think about the technique of my swing,” said Viazman. “As for swimming, I cross train with cycling and other sports and try to get to a pool as often as possible to hone my stroke.”

The arm movements involved during swimming can be connected to how you move your arms when swinging the golf club, Viazman explained.

Gold can be a challenging sport to play if you’re unaware of the proper techniques.

Neria said, “A challenge I faced was not being able to hit the ball correctly. My ball would always go right, and although I would adjust my stance to aim left, I actually wanted to learn how to hit correctly. I overcame this by practicing more and taking advice from my other teammates.”

If you’ve been considering a sport for next year and haven’t given golf much thought, maybe you should give it another look.

“Golf is a convenient, close-to-home stress reliever and an enjoyable activity to do with friends,” Reder said. “It is not physically taxing, but it does leave you sore, which gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

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