Flag Football Rushes to the Championship

Quarterback Alex Dadario ’19 rushes past Jamaica’s defense.  Photo Credit: Anisa Kaloshi

Quarterback Alex Dadario ’19 rushes past Jamaica’s defense. Photo Credit: Anisa Kaloshi


UPDATE: We won! The flag football team defeated Francis Lewis 33-13 on May 31st to win the PSAL Championship.

After playoff wins against Jamaica 26-0 and Townsend Harris, the girls flag football team is on its way to the semi-final May 29 against Lab Museum United.

“Hustle, Hit, Never Quit” is the energy that the team took to the playoffs as the number one seed. They finished the regular season 11-1.

“This year we tried a new method of installing plays within the team,” said Sakina Mehmood ’20, who plays safety. “It gave us more time to master the plays individually, and it helped us carry them out more effectively on the field.”

The Lady Hornets practice every day from 3:45pm to 6:00pm at Midwood Field. First, the girls warm up by doing ball and running drills. Then they go over defensive plays and scrimmage with each other.

“When we have important games, we do partner stretches where we really focus on our back and legs,” said Anisa Kaloshi ’20, a linebacker. “After stretching we do a series of flag drills before we start applying it to new plays we learn.”

The girls have really stepped up their game this season, and have come a far way since the beginning of the season, when they were having trouble communicating.

 “At the beginning of the year, we had a hard time working as a team,” said Kiani Santiago ’20. “We took one loss early in the season because of our lack of cohesion.”

Throughout the season, the girls worked on their teamwork and improved individually.

“We learned how to become better individuals in order to improve our performance on the field,” said Brittney Edwards ’20, who plays center.

The team has been working on their flexibility and speed in hopes getting ahold of a championship banner for the school.

“We are sharpening our skills as a team, whether it be through our communication or our routes in different plays,” said Mehmood. 

Edwards said, “Communication, interdepence, and trust are the three components to a successful team.”

The team feels as if they have these three components, as well as a strong offense and defense capable of winning the championship this year. Their ability to learn from their mistakes and form bonds also plays a huge part in strengthening the team.

“This team has become more than just players on the field; we’ve also become family off the field,” said Mehmood.

The girls have shared a few proud moments.

“One proud moment was when we came back and won a game against a team that eliminated us in the semi-final last year,” said Santiago.

In the first two rounds of the playoffs this year, the team beat Jamaica 26-0 and Townsend Harris 12-7.

Mehmood said, “We get to see how hard work pays off after every game. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.”

The team is working hard to prepare for the semi-final.

“Every win is one step closer to our goal and brings us closer as a team,” said Kaloshi.

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