Card Club Brings Back Childhood Nostalgia

Members play games such as Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: The Gathering.   Photo Credit: Angelo Hu

Members play games such as Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: The Gathering.

Photo Credit: Angelo Hu


Imagine: You’re in the midst of a Yu-Gi-Oh battle, and your opponent has the upper hand. You summon Blue Eyes White Dragon and defeat your sworn enemy in battle. You feel like you’re on top of the world. The Trading Card Club (TCC) allows you to experience that feeling every Thursday during 10th period. 

Angelo Hu ’20, the club president, said, “I started this club because I wanted people to be able to continue their hobbies of playing with trading cards at school.” 

The club offers a variety of different card games such as Vanguard, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. This variety gives the club a feeling of freedom, since you’re allowed to play and enjoy whichever card game you want to.

 “It’s important for a club to have a variety of activities to participate in so that the members don’t get forced to play one game,” Hu said. “They always get the opportunity to learn new games.”

Even though the club is small, it’s always bustling with action. The members are their own kind of family, because they trust each other to not cheat. 

At first, understanding the rules of each game may be difficult. You may even find yourself in a 32 game losing streak.

“It feels good to lose 32 times in a row and then finally get my first taste of victory,” said Ryan Wong ’20. “I’ve never enjoyed something more than playing card games with the goons.”

Alan Cruz ’19, one of the original members of the club, said, “This club allows everyone to feel welcome, and if you like anything that has to do with trading cards, you should join.”

As of right now, there are about nine consistent members in the club.

Colin Taing ’20 said, “After a long week of tests and AP classes, it’s nice to enjoy a friendly battle with the other club members.”

Each card game allows you to create your own custom deck to bring to battle.

Vice President Ivan Lee ’20 said, “Being able to make your own custom deck gives the club a sense of freedom and allows everyone to have their own playstyle.”

If you’re worried that there aren’t enough cards to go around, don’t fret! Some members bring extra decks, and Hu brings his personal decks so that everyone has something to do.

“I like to create many different decks for different types of battles,” said Hu. “I use different decks based on who I’m facing or what kind of battle it is.”

The club is still fairly new, and Hu has plans to expand to a bigger audience and new games.

“Our club was made this year,” Hu said, “and it was kind of rushed, so it’s not a very well-known club yet.”

Although card games are the primary focus of TCC, Hu is welcome to new ideas that can help the club grow.

“I’d like to keep my mind open for activities and games that can make the club more enjoyable, even if it’s not particularly a card game,” he said. 

Lee said, “Being part of this club has been great so far, and I’d like to continue doing what I’ve been doing until next year. Even if I keep losing, it’s always enjoyable to play with friends.”

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