College Office Hosts Trip to Adelphi University

Students pose in front of Adelphi’s mascot.   Photo Credit: Ms. Karen Giordano

Students pose in front of Adelphi’s mascot.

Photo Credit: Ms. Karen Giordano


Juniors visted Adelphi University on March 18 with the college office to learn about all the university has to offer.

“The opportunities they provide really caught my eye,” said Vladlen Zavodovsky ’20. “I would consider applying because it’s close by and I like the majors they provide.”

Adelphi is located in Garden City, NY, on Long Island, and is known for its business and nursing programs.

Lea Presume ’20 said, “They have a pre-college program in the summer for teaching majors that I can get credits for. They also have an honors college and many opportunities in other countries.”

Adelphi offers study abroad, part time jobs, and internships. For instance, if a student is in the nursing program, they might send them to Columbia Hospital, and if a student would like to major in fashion, they can send them for an internship at Michael Kors. 

 “I’m considering applying here because the campus is nice and I like the way the students interact in the school,” said Katerina Fasarakis ’20.

Adelphi’s tuition is $38,000 a year without financial aid, though the school does offer up to $27,000 in scholarships.

The average class size at Adelphi is 21 students. The university offers more than 80 student clubs and organizations. They also have men’s sports such as baseball, basketball, and swimming and women’s sports such as lacrosse, volleyball, and field hockey.

Students can dorm on campus, giving them social opportunities and convenience. 

  This was the first college trip for Olivia Auguste ’20, and she said that “it was nice to see students in their environment.”

Auguste said, “I think the college tours help students realize how you need to excel in your classes to get into a good college.” 

Melchie Joseph ’20 agrees, saying that the tours “give students the chance to be in a college environment.”

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