Girls Basketball Earns Spot in Semi-Finals

Mary Dolgin ’21 fights for a rebound.  Photo Courtesy of Mary Dolgin

Mary Dolgin ’21 fights for a rebound. Photo Courtesy of Mary Dolgin


With an impressive record of 11 wins and seven losses, the Varsity Basketball Lady Hornets made it to the PSAL AA division semi-finals for the first time in four years. Sadly, they lost 41-26 to Susan E. Wagner High School March 3, ending a comeback season.

“Although we wish we had gotten further, being fifth in the league was definitely an accomplishment,” said forward Mary Dolgin ’21. There was “never a dull moment” this season, she added.

Previously, the team beat Grand Street Campus 89-52 in the first round of the playoffs to make it to the semi-finals. After the second quarter, the Lady Hornets took over the game with the home crowd cheering them on. Suzan Morshed ’19 and Kiandra Peart ’19 were big contributors to the playoff win, scoring 20 points each.

But against Susan Wagner, the team ended up playing a low scoring game, and after struggling through the first half, they had a hard time getting back into the game.

Peart said, “We let time get away from us.”

The team’s core group of girls had good chemistry this year, Coach Michael Moore said.

“Eight experienced players are coming from returning seasons,” he expained, and four of them are seniors.

Players reflected on moments they will remember from the season.

“Senior night was a great game for everyone,” said Dolgin. “It was a very emotional day because the people we love and consider family were moving on to college, but we were so proud of them.”

The upcoming season of girls basketball begins in December, and tryouts will be held in mid-October.

“Regardless of how much skill you have, if you have the drive and the passion to play the sport, you have the potential,” said Dolgin. “Skill can always be built. But passion is what’s most important.”

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