School Store Launches Updated Look

The school store is now offering new snacks, Midwood apparel, and a new look featuring a mural of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Photo Credit: Sherry Chen

The school store is now offering new snacks, Midwood apparel, and a new look featuring a mural of the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo Credit: Sherry Chen


Hungry, thirsty, or even out of fashion during class? You’re in luck. The newly renovated school store in room 153 is now selling more snacks than ever, fresh cold water, and even fresher school apparel.

The new snacks include bags of Chex Mix, Herr’s Popcorn, Veggie Straws, and Funyuns. Poland Spring bottled water is available for $1, a whopping 75 cents cheaper than the lunchroom water vending machine. With that extra 75 cents in your pocket, you can save up to buy some new navy blue school apparel including t-shirts ($10), sweatpants ($20), and sweatshirts ($20) with Midwood logos and sassy phrases like “It’s a hornet thing” printed in white.  

So far, student reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“It isn’t just basic school apparel, it has some character to it,” Nicole Polovinka ’20 said. “The Midwood logos have nice modern designs and bring a sense of community to Midwood.”  

Kaelyn Liu ’20 said, “All of the new apparel looks super comfy, especially the sweatpants, so I hope to buy them soon.”

Apparently, Midwood’s teachers have also taken a liking to the new apparel. 

“I’ve noticed Ms. Mansour always flexing her school merch, and I think that it’s really cute,” said Tasfiah Ohona ’20.

Not only are there new snacks and apparel but the whole interior design has also undergone a huge makeover. 

 “The old school store was disgusting,” Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, the coordinator of student affairs, said. “It looked like the part of a horror film where you’re trapped and can never leave. Now everything is brand new. There are new display cases, a new mural, and new cabinets.”

A Brooklyn Bridge mural almost completely covers one wall and has an interesting design where the bridge is three dimensional and looks as if it’s moving into the wall. 

“The mural brings a homey feel to the school,” Aymen Kuc ’20 said. “It reminds me that I’m living in one of the greatest, most modern cities in the world, which also reminds me I have a great opportunity to make a change.”

Kuc wasn’t the only student who enjoyed the mural.

“The first time I walked in after renovations, I noticed the Brooklyn Bridge mural on the wall,” Sarah Shoichet ’20 said. “The mural dramatically changes the old, dull look the store used to have.”

School store worker Nadin Kazieva ’20 said, “Most students shopping admire the artwork and almost always have something to say about it.”

This huge makeover was more than necessary, said Junior Vice President Laura Rosas ’20.

“The appearance of the environment will attract more people and build a stronger sense of community,” she said.

Kazieva added, “The school store looks very presentable and neat, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the students and teachers. The students started talking about the renovations outside the school store and persuaded other people to visit it.”

Many students praised the new organization.

“It’s much easier to see everything they have to offer now,” Elizabeth Serrano ’20 said. “The wide selection always has me coming back to see what’s new.”

“With everything more organized, the monitors seem more comfortable,” Mayor Tanisa Rahman ’20 said. “Even Ms. Phyllis seems to enjoy it more.”

 However, this successful renovation didn’t come easy.

 “It was difficult to get the renovations going,” Mr. Kolotkin said. “It was difficult picking out furniture and finding furniture that would even fit through the door.”

Cost is always an issue, too. Last year’s profits from the school store funded this year’s renovations. And the student government took steps to keep the new apparel affordable.

“In order to keep the cost down, we chose not to use a lot of colors,” said Rahman. “We wanted to be crafty with it. I took into consideration what students preferred to wear and then tried to design apparel that they would find interesting.”

The best part is that the renovations aren’t even finished. Another mural and cabinet will soon be installed. The renovations are estimated to be finished later this month.

Once renovations are done, “there will be a grand opening of the school store with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Howie the Hornet,” Mr. Kolotkin said. 

“We want to make it more colorful and fill up the space on the walls,” said Rahman.

“The changes so far have been good,” said Alice Gurevich ’20. “I look forward to seeing what comes next.”

Kazieva said, “These changes show how Midwood is constantly changing for the best.”

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