Renovations Spice Up Cafeteria

The redesigned cafeteria has a variety of seating options.  Photo Credit: Hasseeb Khan

The redesigned cafeteria has a variety of seating options. Photo Credit: Hasseeb Khan


Midwood’s cafeteria was renovated over Thanksgiving break with new tables and more variety of foods.

The original cafeteria had rows of vertically lined tables. Students, along with their belongings, had to force themselves in along the seats. Now, there are three different table formats: one table with six seats, another with four seats, and another with two seats.

“It makes the cafeteria more student friendly,” said Mr. Alan Stack, the school’s assistant principle of organization. “Before, the design of the tables looked like a prison cafeteria.”

Tabashum Islam ’20 said, “The seating rearrangement is great. I’m able to stretch and talk with my friends without being interrupted when other students push or step on me while they are trying to pass.”

“In the old cafeteria, the seats used to be uncomfortable and hard to get into,” said Jeff Senatus ’21. 

Andres Gene ’20 said, “The [new] seating allows for groups of friends to sit together how they want.”

Friends are now able to gather around and socialize without going through the struggles of forcing themselves along the crowded seats. 

“I think the seating is effective,” said Ashley Zheng ’20. “People can now sit down with their friend group and talk about any personal issues without having to be paranoid about whether the person sitting next to you can hear. And there won’t be a need to yell since everyone is together.”

The renovations also included a new cold bar, allowing students more variety in their lunch choices. 

“I think it’s good,” said Isha Hasan ’20. “You can pick and choose and not let the food go  to waste.”

Some Hornets were still hoping for more.

“One change that should take place is the color of the cafeteria. The color should be bright or neutral, so when students go to lunch, they can feel relaxed or have a recharge of energy,” Mehnoor Yousaf ’20 said. “But now they just feel bored and tired, with the desire to go home already.”

If you have any other tasty suggestions for bettering the cafeteria, send Argus a letter to the editor.

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